Why Is Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee Good For You?

The New Year is a chance for many to kickstart a healthier lifestyle with new habits in the kitchen. Some go dry for January and some decide to kick the caffeine. A popular coffee alternative is mushroom coffee! Yes, mushrooms!

Four Sigmatic is an organic line that offers Ground Mushroom Coffee with Probiotics:

Organic, the brew is smooth, medium, and remarkably crash-free (16 servings) – Coffee that’s easy to stomach has gut and immune supporting Chaga and Turkey Tail mushrooms, prebiotics, and 1 billion CFU shelf-stable, heat resistant probiotics.

What sets this type of coffee a part from your average Starbucks ground? 

These coffee beans were sustainably and fairly grown in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala by a non-profit federation of small coffee producers. These beans brew a smooth, medium roast coffee that’s full-bodied without the bitter aftertaste. They come from Finland and Finnnish people drink more coffee than anyone else in the world, so they are the ultimate testers. They even have a 3rd party lab test each batch for purity.

What is the mushroom? 

Chaga (Inonotus obliquus) isn’t just fun to say out loud, it’s also been used to support immune function for centuries. In Finland (where Four Sigmatic founders are from), it was used as a coffee substitute during WWII when beans weren’t available. Today, their Chaga’s sustainably wildcrafted on birch trees. They extract the fruiting bodies to make a mixable, organic powder with no fillers or carriers.

A coffee that’s good for your gut… go for it!

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