Stocking Stuffer For Pets: Dog Horn Is A Safety Must-Have

How often have you been approached by big menacing dogs while walking your furry family? If you live in the hills in Southern California, you have yet another problem: the coyotes. Although we are truly encroaching on their habitat, we need to protect ourselves and our pets. Clapping your hands does not do it anymore so what could work instantly?

After conducting my research and going to the go-to resource for pet supplies,, I came across the Dog Horn XL.

A must-have for all emergency situations, including unwanted company. The XL = EXTRA LOUD and it certainly is. It stops dogs & wild animals in their tracks and calls for help. Designed to be extremely loud to save lives. It's also good for: 

TRAINING: Use in short blast to get your dog's attention so you can take control!

DETER ATTACKS & FIGHTS: Stops dogs in their tracks and breaks up unwanted pet confrontations & fighting. 

I tried it and I can assure you that it is more than loud. It definitely will catch any animal's attention. Also great for campers and hikers. You never know when you will need to bring attention to a situation.

Gift it or get it for yourself at:

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