Lil’ Kim Joins Forces With Cannabis Co. Superbad and CampNova

During this year's MJBizCon Week, held in Las Vegas, the Grammy-Award Winning rapper Lil Kim closed the convention by announcing she is partnering with California cannabis companies, superbad, inc., a Vertical Companies affiliate, Carlos Dew, founder of superbad inc. and lifestyle technology platform CampNova with its co-founders Emery Morrison and Marvin Wilcher, to launch Aphrodisiac, a premium line of cannabis consumer packaged goods.

"I'm excited to be joining forces with Carlos," Lil' Kim said. "And the superbad, inc. family. Since transitioning from sports and entertainment into the cannabis space, [Carlos] has built a seasoned team around him. I like what I see."

"Very excited," Todd Kaplan, founder of Vertical Companies said. "Lil' Kim has joined [our] family."

The companies plan to release Lil' Kim's line of cannabis products as early as 2022. Merchandise and other accessories are in the works, but have not yet been announced. The tech e-commerce, lifestyle platform, according to Wilcher, will release exclusive curated content and swag not available anywhere else.

"Lil' Kim wants to have a close relationship with her fans and that is what we will deliver," Wilcher said. "Through CampNova's authentic fan engagement and star-studded roster, we will provide the baddest for the best."

Through this partnership, she shared, she would have direct access to cannabis consumers and fans due to CampNova's ability to socialize the process of one-click ordering and access to on-demand products

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