Tokyo Olympics Climbing Spotlight: What Is Liquid Chalk?

With the Tokyo Olympics underway, climbing communities around the world are tuning into Speed Climbing, Bouldering and Lead Climbing competitions this week. With more and more people taking up climbing as a hobby, there is so much to learn about climbing gear and must-have accessories. 

One of the newest trends in climbing is the use of 'liquid chalk.' We look to chalk company, Oncrux to learn more about it.

Glen Suh of the Oncrux marketing team shared that his partner, Michael Doan is an avid climber. Michael originally formulated Oncrux liquid chalk as a chemist from the cosmetic industry. He knew he could make a better liquid chalk that would feel better, dry your hands out less, stay on your hands longer, and also sanitize with the pandemic going on at the time. 

How do you use liquid chalk? Simple, just pour the size of a quarter of CRUXGRIP liquid chalk on your one hand. Spread CRUXGRIP evenly by rubbing your hands together. Allow 30 seconds for hands to dry (this is important)… then, send it!

oncrux, liquid chalk, rock climbing

PROTIP: Some pro & Olympic climbers are using liquid chalk as a base layer before dipping their hands in loose chalk. 

The 'who's who' of climbing that are using Oncrux: Sierra Blair Coyle, Cedar Wright (for moonboarding) and Sasha Digiulian.

What if you're committed to powder chalk? For climbers who are set in their ways about powder chalk, Glen encourages you to at least try it as a base layer in addition to loose chalk and see if that helps your grip. If you are ever deep water soloing, liquid chalk might be the best option so that your chalk will stay dry in your bottle when you fall into the water.

Check out Oncrux's line, which include ONCRUX GRIP LIQUID CHALK, CRUXCARE HAND SALVE (I love this for post-climbs- not greasy and great for healing) and CRUXGRIP LOOSE CHALK (for those who wish to remain traditional). 

oncrux, liquid chalk

Oncrux will soon release two forms of loose chalk – powder and crumble, chalk balls filled with their powder chalk, as well as a performance liquid chalk which will dry faster, have more coverage, and more chalk.

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