Where Are The Top Dog Parks In The Country?

Dog parks are great places for pups — and their owners — to meet. While their fur baby roams free and makes pals, mom and dad can socialize with fellow dog lovers. 

But you won't find pup-friendly green spaces everywhere in America, and if you do, they won't all be up to snuff.

So what are 2021's Best Dog Park Cities

LawnStarter ranked 97 U.S. cities based on access, quality, and climate factors to find out.

See which 10 cities lead (and the 10 that lag behind) the pack below, followed by some highlights and lowlights from our report.

2021's Best Dog Park Cities
Rank City
1 San Francisco, CA
2 Oakland, CA
3 Portland, OR
4 Boise, ID
5 Fremont, CA
6 Henderson, NV
7 Norfolk, VA
8 Long Beach, CA
9 Chula Vista, CA
10 Tampa, FL
2021's Worst Dog Park Cities
Rank City
88 Fort Worth, TX
89 Arlington, TX
90 Plano, TX
91 Cincinnati, OH
92 Wichita, KS
93 Newark, NJ
94 Cleveland, OH
95 Garland, TX
96 Omaha, NE

Laredo, TX

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