Health Spotlight: Tasty SuperBeets®​ Heart Chews

I just tried two new dietary supplements…

First, the SuperBeets®​ Heart Chews, which help to provide plant-based heart-healthy energy. It is designed to promote normal blood pressure for a healthy lifestyle, as well as supports blood flow and promotes healthy heart energy.

The flavor is a burst of pomegranate berry, and beets! Its ingredients also include grape seed extract as scientists have found a way to isolate the polyphenols in grape seeds. The grape seed extract comes from The Loire Valley in France, famous for its world-renowned vineyards.

Grapes from this region, and specifically the grape seeds, contain some of the highest concentrations of polyphenols of any fruit, a potent antioxidants which help neutralize free radicals which can damage your DNA and damage cells.

superbeets memory and focus chews

Next, I tried the SuperBeets® Memory & Focus, a dietary supplement which supports memory & brain health.

It promotes brain blood flow. It also supports mental alertness & focus while helping reducing oxidative stress.

With their both products you have a win-win situation!

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