Hallmark Cards Launches Digital Handwritten Messages

Hallmark Cards, Inc. is launching a new innovation that makes it easier than ever to send a physical Hallmark greeting card. Sign & Send™, a new service now available on, allows users to have their handwritten message printed on a real Hallmark card, that they can send straight from their phone and have delivered to a recipient’s mailing address, with Hallmark covering the cost of postage.

“We are thrilled to introduce this new technology that will help people put more care into the world,” says Lindsey Roy, Hallmark’s chief marketing officer. “Today, people use their phones for everything from connecting with friends to shopping. Sign & Send offers the digital ease and convenience people have come to expect, while giving them a way to create genuine and meaningful connections that can only be done with a Hallmark card.”

Sign & Send is an option for thousands of cards available on After a user enters the Sign & Send experience and selects their card, they can add their own handwritten message to the card by writing the message on a sheet of paper, snapping a photo, and uploading the photo to the website. After they enter the address, Hallmark will stamp the card and send it to the recipient at no extra cost.

“This is a personalized and seamless way for consumers to shop, choose, purchase and send greeting cards,” says Roy. “This new offering brings together the digital and physical by offering the exact same Hallmark cards that you find in stores at the same price but signed and sent directly from a phone. As a way to celebrate this exciting launch, we are offering customers their first card sent using Sign & Send for free.”

Hallmark recognizes the importance of giving consumers options when it comes to buying products. As shopping behaviors continue to shift, Sign & Send gives customers more choices in how and where they purchase Hallmark greeting cards. Whether a person is shopping in a store and needs a card for a friend’s birthday or remembers late at night that they need to send a card to their mom, Hallmark makes it easy for people to connect with their loved ones.

Sign & Send is the latest innovation to come from Hallmark which reimagines what it means for people to shop and send cards. For more than 100 years, Hallmark has been an industry gamechanger from inventing modern decorative gift wrap in 1917; to developing greeting card displays in 1935 still in use today; to creating the Hallmark Hall of Fame in 1951 that ultimately led to Hallmark Channel; to introducing Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments in 1971 that people continue to collect every year. Hallmark remains committed to helping people live more caring and connected lives filled with meaningful moments.

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