First Look Trailer: “Unchained”

Wrestling star Taya Valkyrie and Academy Award Nominee Eric Roberts (Best of the Best, The Expendables) star in Unchained, premiering this July.

Directed and co-written by Raphaello, Unchained also stars Roni Weissman, Mair Mulroney, Maricris Lapaix, Kasarlina Wang, Svetlana Constantine and Larry L Andrews.

An idealistic woman is kidnapped and forced to compete in an underground fight ring. Every night is a fight for her life as she plans to overthrow her captors and save the lives of many others doomed to the same endless cycle.

John Bryan and Ilia Constantine co-write and produce.

Unchained is unshackled July 2 on digital from Leomark Studios.

roni weismann, unchained

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