Fire Safety Tips Amidst Temperatures Rising

With temps rising as California heads into the summer months, has a few tips for Fire Safety Prep: 


  1. Clear dry vegetation and tall grass at least 100 ft. around your home 
  2. Harden your home with fire-safe materials 
  3. Watch for Red Flag Alerts, fire weather bulletins ( 
  4. Plan & practice at least two different evacuation routes


  1. Establish an “action plan” including critical phone numbers, meeting area
  2. Prepare an Evacuation Supply Kit
    1. • Prescriptions/eyeglasses
    2. • Copies of important documents
    3. • Food/water
    4. • First-aid kit
    5. • Extra phone chargers
  3. Verify Insurance coverage


  1. Leave lights on, turn off gas
  2.  Put emergency supply kit in vehicle
  3. Evacuate early – don’t wait to be ordered
  4. If trapped, call 9-1-1

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