How To Properly Maintenance Your Garage Door

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As Alan Hill, owner of Pioneer Door Inc., points out: the majority of people use the garage door instead of their home's front door. We go in and out more times than we can count 365 days a year. That means, we need to properly care for our garage door. But, how do we do that and how often? In our latest For Home segment, we aim to teach you the proper steps with the garage pros: Pioneer Door, Martin Door and Liftmaster

After researching, we discovered that it's quite a profession to install, maintain and repair garage doors. The star of this particular segment is a garage door made by the "world's finest & safest," Martin Door, a company that has been around since 1936. Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Martin Door was originally Martin Overhead Door, which was  founded in Santa Ana, CA by Leno Martin. Leno invented one of the first one-piece overhead type garage doors! His invention ended up replacing the swinging door.

In the 1950's, Leno's brother David took over the business and transitioned the company to focus on sectional garage doors in the 60's. Over the decades, the company evolved by introducing FingerShield, a patented finger safety system to help eliminate escalating injuries associated with section joints and other high-risk areas of garage doors. Sold in over 93 countries, Martin Door continues to introduce innovative products in the garage industry. 

Based in Covina, California, Pioneer Door, Inc. is extremely knowledgeable about garage maintenance; especially Martin Door products. For over 25 years, Alan's team works with a handful of brands. Not only do they service and repair, but they also handle custom doors and refinishing. 

Rounding out our team of professionals is: LiftMaster. From garage door openers to remote controls, we look to LiftMaster for the best of the best. We're featuring the must-have Mini Remote Control keychain. Check out our previous segment here

Watch the segment above to learn everything you need to know about how to maintain your garage door.

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