Trailer: ‘Love in Dangerous Times’ Is A Pandemic Rom-Com

Shot during the pandemic, let quarantine-themed romantic comedy Love in Dangerous Times mask your screen this November.

Love in Dangerous Times is the newest film from indie director Jon Garcia (The Falls Trilogy).

As a virus spreads quickly throughout the globe, Jason remains ambivalent about its danger. Unable to travel and with his family on the other side of the country, he decides to spend the pandemic working on a play that resembles his life and current circumstances. As writers-block and loneliness ensue, he begins to turn to online dating to find a buddy for the apocalypse where he meets Sorrel. With the infection rate worsening and feat looming, the two begin to lean on one another for support and while they try to make sense of the times they live in. Ian Stout and Tiffany Groben star.

Love in Dangerous Times will be available November 3 on all major VOD platforms including iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, YouTube, and Vudu from Dark Star Pictures.

love in dangerous times, trailer

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