New Video Music TV Series Hosted By Skip Reeves

VIDEO VIBEZ is a new video music TV series that can now be seen on the SPARKX TV Channel on both the ROKU and AMAZON TV Streaming Networks. The series will showcase the videos of both major and independent artists from around the globe in support of the worldwide community of musicians. Video Vibez will be hosted by Radio/Media Veteran Skip Reeves, A.K.A. "Skip The Media Personality," who is also the creator and host of the syndicated radio show “A Funk Above The Rest,” and, is a rotating host of the Award-winning TV show out of Dayton OH, “Funk Chronicles!” Skip was particularly impressed with acoustic guitarist and vocalist Andy Joslin's performance of "Don't Forget To Breathe," so he wanted to spotlight it on one of his segments. Check out an excerpt from the show:

Video Vibez will especially focus on artists and their creations that are deserving of a larger, broader reach of music lovers. The diversity of the show will feature only selected videos with content that is encouraging, practical, meaningful, and entertaining.  Skip says, “Even though I am involved with R&B, Funk & Soul related programs, I enjoy many different types of genres. Video Vibez will expose and reveal that truth.” The show is for those who approach music with an eclectic interest and curiosity, for the individual ways artists express themselves.

 The series will be filmed in various local establishments in a simple format which will allow for small independent businesses to also receive recognition. For possible inclusion of your video contact

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