How-To: The Pest Thwarting Elevated Garden Gives You Peace of Mind

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Let's assume you love to garden and grow your own herbs and vegetables. Unfortunately, planting directly into the soil often results in squirrels eating your young tomatoes, and slugs attacking your lettuce leaves. Having access to herbs in your garden close to your back door is almost unheard of. Thankfully for us we now have people who thought about getting us direct access and companies who have designed beds in various sizes for us to enjoy our crops. After researching companies, I came across The Pest Thwarting Elevated Garden from Hammacher Schlemmer

What this elevated garden does for you is protect plants from common garden pests. At 31 1/2" tall, the garden's base raises plants beyond the reach of slugs, rabbits including the undesirable weeds. No need for harmful chemicals or pesticides. You can raise true organic tomatoes, radishes and lettuce.

Ideal for square foot gardening, the V-shaped profile provides 14 3/4' sq. that accommodate shallow rooted plants along the edges such as radishes and a 16 3/4"- deep center that accommodates long-rooted vegetables such as carrots.

The raised bed also boosts soil temperature for seed germination and increases plants' exposure to sunlight—conditions under which plants thrive—and also enables one to tend a garden while standing or seated, preventing back strain. 

It is made from 33 Fir planks. With a fitted fabric liner that keeps the soil contained and helps excess water drain. It is the perfect gift for anyone who likes gardening. I did not wait for the holidays, I got the large one for myself – 71" L x 30" W x 31 1/2" H. (66 lbs.) the only drawback was having to assemble it.

So, I called upon my partner in crime, Pamela who put it together in no time and Voila! Check it out.

pest thwarting elevated garden

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