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It might be due to my European upbringing, but I would rather save, refinish or refurbish objects and furniture before replacing them. But when it comes to glass, that is a little bit trickier. You cannot repair or refinish glass, you must replace it.

During last winter, we experienced some very strong winds, so strong that they actually lifted my garden patio table, throwing the glass off, and it rolled over in front of my eyes breaking the glass into thousands of pieces. Although, I could have just trashed what was left of my table, I preferred looking for a glass top to replace the shattered one. I needed a 48" Round ½” Clear Tempered glass with a center hole and beveled edges. Well, believe it or not, it was very difficult. After spending hours on the internet, no top really had the exact dimensions.

I was determined to find a glass company that could manufacture a brand new top for my table. Once more, I went back to the internet and found a bunch of them, but the prices were outrageous. I did not give up my search for a local company which could do the job. Finally, I found 55 Glass, one of the last family-owned glass supply companies in California. We immediately contacted 55 Glass asking if they could help us.

The company was started by Raymond Glass in 1968 (then known as Raymond's Decorative Lite Co.). It supplied glass lighting parts to lamp and lighting manufacturers. Eventually his sons, Don and Dean, joined their father’s company, which allowed Raymond Glass to expand into a supplier for the furniture industry. Raymond Glass sold so much glass that they soon became glass distributors for the major glass producers, including, Guardian, AFG, Vitro America, Pilkington (NSG), and Saint Gobain.

Today, Dean and Don, who grew up in Southern California, both have over 25 years of experience in the glass industry. They run a small, efficient crew dedicated to customer service. During the ordering process, we had the pleasure of working with Jonathan Pascua. It was so simple; we gave him the dimensions of the round table and just waited for delivery.

While waiting for the new top, I decided to refinish my table. I sanded it down and repainted it. It took no time before the beautiful beveled glass top arrived and was back in place. And I have to admit that it felt so great! If you are ever in this situation, do not just throw something away.

Instead, give 55 Glass a call for your glass supply needs. You won’t regret it.

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