Adventure & Emergency Must-Have: BioLite HeadLamps

Now more than ever, it’s vital for Californians to have a safety/escape pack of some sort. Although flashlights will always be a must-have for emergency kits, headlamps are much more user friendly for all types of situations. Whether you’re stuck in the dark, camping, hiking, rock climbing or running at sunrise and sunset, I definitely recommend going the headlamp route over grabbing a flashlight. You’re hands free! 

Myself and Hardkour Performance founder, Justin Nucum tested out a couple of Biolite HeadLamps on the trails. I tossed my older battery operated headlamp and charged up the USB friendly BioLite HeadLamp 200 and BioLite HeadLamp 330

Before you do anything, I highly recommend you watch Biolite’s How-To setup and use instructional videos. You can bypass reading instructions and take your lead from their pros. 

I love both of these styles. They’re both lightweight; you can’t even tell you're wearing something! The adjustable sizing bands are fantastic and you don’t have to struggle to adjust while it’s on your head. As far as battery life, they’re both great. But, if you’re looking to go longer without charging, go for the 330. 

Stand-out Features: 

  • The 3D SlimFit band sits flush against the forehead, allowing for zero bounce. Incredible for trail running and bouldering at night & early morning hours. 

  • Both styles are ultralightweight. 

BioLite HeadLamp 200: 

  • Produces 200 lumens of light. Best used for day hiking, camping, and 1-3 hour night runs.


BioLite HeadLamp 330: 

  • Produces 330 lumens of light, with a battery pack in the rear. 

  • With the run-forever cable, this model utilizes exterior charging ports for an extended battery life past the 40 hours (on LO). 

  • Best for longer runs, backpacking trips, and more. 

I was actually a bigger fan of the 200 style because it felt less bulky than the 330.

Don't forget to watch the videos and practice turning on/off and changing the light settings for the headlamp before you venture out to the trails! 

Just in time for your holiday shopping, Biolite will be unveiling a brand new product next week. Stay tuned!

Learn more and shop at:

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