Marilyn Monroe Podcast Launches 58 Years After Her Death

Almost fifty-eight years after her tragic death, the enigmatic Marilyn Monroe is more popular than ever (14+ million Facebook fans and counting), but the truth behind her tragic and untimely passing remains a fascinating mystery.  "In order to understand her ending, you must go back to the beginning!"

From the producers of Goodnight Marilyn, the ground-breaking, new podcast "Marilyn: Behind the Icon" portrays Monroe up close and personal with a dramatic storyline featuring narration, actor dramatization, and commentary by a mental health expert. Marilyn Monroe is played by the talented Erin Gavin, who portrayed the legend on stage. Erin captures the essence of Marilyn that will captivate the podcast audience. In addition, the series features award-winning voice-over talent, Brad Hyland (Santa from Elf on the Shelf, Victoria Secret and many commercials) as the sultry, warm-voiced narrator.

This year, the annual LIVE memorial service at Westwood Memorial Park, where Marilyn and other celebrities are buried, is cancelled due to COVID. However, fans across the globe can grab a little essence of Marilyn in this new dramatic podcast about the icon. Typically, in the media, especially this time of year, circulate the same trite stores about Monroe without accurate information or specific, documented facts about the star coming to light. Marilyn: Behind the Icon, the inaugural podcast series, delves into a much-needed dialog about mental health and addiction through the lens of celebrity, profiling her story to raise awareness about this American epidemic. Experience Marilyn from a story perspective that allows the listener to feel as though they are present with Marilyn witnessing unfolding dramatic events and raw emotions.

WHO: A multi season podcast series on the dynamic life of Marilyn Monroe

WHAT: Podcast sales company by Crossover Media Group and LifeBites Global

WHEN: August 5, 2020

WHERE: iTunes, Google Pay, Stitcher, Pandora, Spotify as well as website

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