Forgotten Skincare Solves Your Underarm Problem

Although, I have been fortunate to not have this problem, I understand that there have been 250 thousand searches in the U.S. for questions related to lightening dark underarms. Pit problems are obviously a problem for many!

Whether it's underarm darkness or razor burn, The Original created by Forgotten Skincare comes to the rescue.

Designed to solve an issue that so many women are self-conscious about, this 2-in-1 solution will make you feel confident about raising your arms. The Original doubles as your deodorant as well.

The Original by Forgotten Skincare is a clean and natural brightener that removes dead skin and slows melanin production to reduce underarm darkness. It can be used for all ages and demographics; specifically, women ages 25-34 who experience an increase in melanin production causing underarm darkness that comes with age.

What's in it and how does it work?

The Uva ursi extract and vitamin C work together to brighten dark & uneven skin, while jojoba oil and aloe vera turn up the moisture and pink grapefruit keeps you smelling fresh. 

The product is made from natural, organic ingredients.

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