Bed Bath & Beyond Launches College From Home Shop Experience

Bed Bath & Beyond® launches College from Home, a shopping experience dedicated to helping parents and college students redesign their childhood bedrooms as remote learning spaces for the fall semester.

As the destination for college, Bed Bath & Beyond will provide expert tips for creating remote learning spaces with the new College from Home website section. In partnership with sister brand Decorist, an online interior design service, the College from Home section will offer free design tips, curated assortments and inspiration for students to create functional learning spaces at home.

Whether students are studying on campus, living in an apartment or studying at home, Bed Bath & Beyond is here to help by offering value-driven products, solutions and a College Savings Pass.

With the uncertainty of how exactly the COVID-19 pandemic will impact college and university campuses, many schools are opting for virtual college courses this fall. As a result, many students will be living at home in their childhood bedrooms instead of campus dormitories. Shopping for and decorating a dorm room is a rite of passage for college-bound students and College from Home provides inspiration to design a stylish and functional bedroom that feels like college.

"As the college destination for countless students across the country, whether studying at home or on campus, we know this fall won't bring the typical college experience every student looks forward to," says Joe Hartsig, Executive Vice President and Chief Merchandising Officer of Bed Bath & Beyond. "College from Home brings the dorm experience to life for students by showcasing essential product solutions, paired with design inspiration to turn their childhood bedrooms and work spaces into functional spaces for remote learning."

Starting today, the College from Home section will feature virtual learning and study at home dorm essentials including lap desks, organization tools, accessories, and bedding to transform childhood bedrooms into dreamy dorm spaces. The design team at Decorist created three room examples to help inspire for students to create authentic spaces including:

  • Chill Camp Vibes: a natural and rustic vibe, with muted colors and outdoorsy elements for a camping-out feel
  • Low-Key Bohemian: bright and cozy, with vintage-inspired pieces and cool modern touches
  • Modern Glam: pink and gold with plenty of plush, fluffy accents that come together for a mature, chic look

"College students are adjusting to a new learning environment this year. In July, we saw searches on our site up more than 200% for desks and office chairs compared to the same period last year. They need design guidance and inspiration to create a conducive space —whether they're living at home or on campus. With that in mind, and along with insights from current students, we designed these spaces to set students up for academic success, as well as to be cozy, comfortable, and personal," said Cindy Davis, Executive Vice President and Chief Brand Officer of Bed Bath & Beyond and President of Decorist.

"In our survey of college students, about seven in ten students1 say decorating their dorm is important to them, and their dorm decor is an expression of self. Students shared they seek to create a space to feel 'at home' which is our core brand purpose and what we want to help them achieve with these inspirational designs."

To create an upgraded dorm-inspired bedroom at home, Decorist provides help with a style quiz or the option to collaborate with a Decorist designer. It also provides several tips for students and their parents to consider before shopping:

  • Create a Cohesive Look: Before shopping, students should think about the look they want to go for and get inspired!
  • Take a Seat: Comfortable, back-friendly seating options are essential for studying and learning remotely, while a comfortable chair and ottoman will make reading and study breaks cozier.
  • Brighten Up: Don't forget to include adequate lighting and even consider lamps with a USB port to keep devices charged and ready to go.
  • Express Yourself: Artwork and décor will not only make a space stand out, but also acts as a virtual backdrop for video classes
  • Make It Comfy: While having a dedicated study space is important, it's equally as important to have a comfortable bed and relaxation corner to relax from studying and get a good night's rest
  • Sleep in Style: As the main focal point of a bedroom, bedding is a key place to showcase style through pillows, throws, and even curtains.
  • Get Organized: With the childhood bedroom acting as a space to learn and relax, organizing textbooks and paperwork on bookcases or in filing cabinets will help keep students on track and everything in its place.
  • Fuel Up: Even though the kitchen may be a short walk away, having a small refrigerator or a personal coffee maker will help keep students fueled while studying.

For college this season, students and parents can take advantage of many services including newly introduced 2-hour Buy-Online-Pickup-In-Store (BOPIS) and contactless Curbside Pickup services, to make the college shopping experience as safe and easy as possible. A newly created Healthy Living assortment also offers essentials for those students returning to campus living, including face masks, thermometers, and cleaning supplies. Customers receive great value when they sign up for the College Savings Pass and receive 20% off their entire purchase every time they shop on made-to-last items, with unlimited use in-store or online through September 30, 2020. Standard coupon exclusions apply. Sign up at

For more information about our college offerings, visit Customers can visit College from Home at   

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