Colgate Gives Health & Hygiene Essentials to Support COVID-19 Relief

Colgate-Palmolive is repurposing its fleet of mobile dental vans and tapping into a network of food banks and school district lunch programs to distribute health and hygiene products to help slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

COVID-19 infections are reaching new highs in the U.S., and frequent, proper handwashing has been shown to slow the spread of the virus.  As part of its global support of the World Health Organization's #SafeHands Challenge, Colgate is distributing 25 million bars of specially-made soap with packaging that features instructions for proper handwashing. In the U.S., 1.4 million #SafeHands soap bars are being distributed, as well as body wash, dishwashing liquid soap, toothpaste and toothbrushes for adults and kids. Together, Colgate will donate product valued at more than $8 million in the United States.

Some deliveries are being made by Colgate Bright Smiles, Bright Futures® mobile dental vans, which were sidelined  in March due to the pandemic.  The vans are delivering products to people in need in and around New York, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Miami, Washington DC, Charlotte, and Baltimore. Colgate is also working with local school districts to coordinate product deliveries as part of ongoing  grab-and-go lunch programs and with food banks and partner agencies that are part of the Feeding America network.

"COVID-19 is a daunting public health challenge, and we're grateful for this opportunity to donate the health and hygiene products people need to keep themselves healthy," said Jean-Luc Fischer, President of Colgate North America. "And with financial hardship now affecting many families, this donation  will help people continue their daily routines — to brush their teeth, wash their hands, bathe and shower."

"The pandemic has impacted our entire nation, especially people in need. We are thankful to Colgate for their generous donation of health and hygiene essentials to children, families and seniors served by the Feeding America network. This generous donation will help protect communities and help guide them towards a safer and healthier future," said Blake Thompson, Chief Supply Chain Officer at Feeding America.

For more information on Colgate's support of the #SafeHands Challenge, visit

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