Coffee Spotlight: Sunny Spot Cold Brew Just In Time For Summer

Summer is here and with it comes scorching temperatures. I have always loved ice coffee. As far as I'm concerned, it is the best refreshment you can have. Add a little creamer and it's the perfect drink to cool down. 

Quite a few people would agree and that's why you have many options from coffee makers. I recently discovered the new Ready-to-Brew Sunny Spot Cold Brew Coffee Pouches from Grounds & Hounds. Easy to make, you just place one of the Sunny Spot coffee pouches in your most beautiful pitcher, fill it up with cold water, let it sit for 12 hours in the fridge and voila!

The Sunny Spot Cold Brew Blend has taken three years of research, sipping and brewing countless blends and roasts aiming to create the perfect cold brew. The result was Sunny Spot!

This 100% Fair Trade Organic French Roast blend features aromatic notes of Hazelnut and Red Currant, followed by savory notes of Milk Chocolate, Marshmallow, and Graham Cracker. It is Kosher Certified and comes in(4) Ready-to-Brew Pouches.

Each Pouch makes 1 pitcher consisting of 24 oz. of delicious Cold Brew.

Happy Summer! Vive l'ete!

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