Saying Goodbye To Our Dear Marley, aka Big Baby

Marley, Big Baby, pet reporter, dog, latfusa

Today, we said goodbye to our dear Pet Reporter, Marley, a.k.a. 'Big Baby.' Our publisher, Michele rescued the great Marley in July of 2017 after he was found roaming the streets. Our pet reporter team welcomed Marley with open paws. 

He lived a life of luxury with delicious meals and big cozy dog beds (also human beds and pillows!). He loved taking naps and enjoying the California sunshine. He especially loved napping with his Yorkie brother, Elvis. 

We have so many fond memories, from Halloween photo shoots to jerky dog bone snack time. 

We will miss you and know that you are in doggy heaven. 

Here are some of our favorite memories with Marley and his top Pet Reporter Segment…

Marley, pet reporter, dog, dogs,

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