National Guard Depart Los Angeles Amid Peaceful Protests

About one week after Governor Newsom called for the National Guard to help protect the streets of Los Angeles, they are now leaving.

Mayor Garcetti said, “The California National Guard is departing Los Angeles this evening. A small number of units will be stationed nearby until June 10 to provide emergency support if needed.

“I’m proud that our city has been peaceful this week — and that our residents are leading a powerful movement to make Los Angeles more just, equitable, and fair for Black Angelenos, communities of color, and all of our workers, youth, and families.

“We thank the members of the Guard for their willingness to serve — to ensure the safety of demonstrators, businesses, residents, and everyone in our city.”

Protests continue daily as LA slowly opens up the city. Monday, June 8th marks the 14th straight day of protests around the city.

Sunday saw over 20,000 people in the streets of Hollywood marching down the famous Walk of Fame.


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