This CoreX Fitness Machine Has 100+ Functions

Did you know that the U.S. spends over $10 billion a year on fitness equipment? Of course, at-home fitness and gyms continues to rise in popularity during the COVID-19 crisis.

Check out CoreX Fit Life, a health and fitness company based in Newport Beach, CA. They created the CoreX, which they're calling the only fitness machine that has the capability for over 100 exercises as well as sports simulation in a compact design. The CoreX allows for over 100 exercises for cardio, HIIT, strength training, Pilates, and toning.

The CoreX also has simulated workouts for popular sports like rowing, kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding (SUP), and cross-country skiing. No workout is ever the same because the only limit is your imagination. 

CoreX was designed by Markus Scholten, a top automotive engineer and athlete, out of frustration from not being able to find a machine that could provide a workout that challenged all muscle groups and offered many exercises in one. Focusing on high quality and amazing precision, the CoreX is a complete, full-body, low impact machine that targets arms, legs, chest, glutes, and especially the core. The CoreX was designed to make working out at home as convenient and streamlined as possible.

The CoreX is currently available on Kickstarter at special pricing:

CoreX provides inertia-free training. This allows you to isolate a muscle from the start till the end of the repetition with consistent resistance. The CoreX has two resistance adjusters that allow for 64 resistance levels. With options to adjust resistance both on the front and back of the flywheel, the CoreX makes workouts easily customizable. You decide how much resistance you need and you can level up or down at any time, on any exercise. The resistance knobs are easy to adjust, so you can quickly change levels during your workout. The CoreX will supply up to 225 pounds of resistance for strength training exercises like bench press and squats with the included steel weight bar and ground plate. The included aluminum bar is designed for lighter weight exercises like cardio to allow for a real life feel during rowing, kayaking, SUP and canoeing.  The aluminum bar can also be used for other exercises up to 120 pounds of resistance.

Accessories included are handles/foot straps, Velcro ankle straps, steel bar, aluminum bar, smart phone/tablet holder, ground plate, and cross country poles. All of the accessories are easy to remove and/or attach to the CoreX machine in seconds for an optimal variety of exercises. Customers who purchase the machine also receive a CoreX User Guide and CoreX guided workouts by top fitness professionals for all varieties of workouts including kayak, rowing, SUP, cross-country skiing, HIIT, strength training, Pilates, and toning.

Every CoreX model includes an advanced smartphone/tablet holder. The metal arm allows to you twist and turn the face in any direction, allowing you to view it from both ends of the machine, so that you don't miss out on any instruction from your virtual trainer.

The dynamic design maximizes minimum space, making working out in small spaces such as a bedroom or office possible. The CoreX features caster wheels on the front foot letting you roll the machine to easily store upright or move it from one side of the room to the other. The smart design makes it easy to lift on one side and move and store in seconds. The wheels let you move the machine from one angle to another to allow you to adjust the machine to your space.

The CoreX comes in eight color options for the premier machine and four wood grain options. The CoreX premier machine retails for $2,199 and the wood CoreX machine retails for $2,999.

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