The Beauty Industry Gives Back: Merle Norman Cosmetics Produces Hand Sanitizer

When is a cosmetics company considered more than just makeup?  When history illustrates that a brand has consistently stepped up to help the administration and citizens of the United States of America. Merle Norman Cosmetics was founded by Merle Nethercutt Norman during the Great Depression in 1931. In WWII, Merle Norman was called to duty to manufacture machine gun oil and camouflage sticks.  She was proud to help her fellow Americans and soldiers on the front line.  

2020 is no different …

Merle Norman Cosmetics, the family-owned company has moved from not only producing cosmetics and skincare but has retooled its machinery to also produce the desperately needed World Health Organization approved Hand Sanitizer.  

In the face of a Global Pandemic sweeping our country, this essential toiletry will soon be available to be distributed online, to the health care industry, front line workers and in partnership with Merle Norman Studio franchise owners.

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