How You Can Help Save Dolphin’s Lives!

Did you know that there is a retirement sanctuary for dolphins? Yes! And, you can help save dolphins everyday. Here's how….

Last year, the Dolphin Project, in partnership with the Central Jakarta Forestry Department, established the world’s only permanent dolphin retirement sanctuary for formerly captive dolphins located in Bali, Indonesia. 

Their three dolphins; Rocky, Rambo and Johnny are quarantined at the sanctuary, dependent 24/7 on their team of caregivers and medical staff who are also quarantined alongside them. 

As the first permanent dolphin sanctuary in the world, the Bali Dolphin Sanctuary is attempting to survive during these difficult times with COVID19. You can support their staff and help the dolphins. Meet a few:

the dolphin project

Johnny is an older dolphin who for several years, lived in isolation inside a shallow swimming pool before being confiscated from the Melka Hotel. Since arriving to the sanctuary, he has been healing and benefiting from a proper retirement.

the dolphin project

Rambo was confiscated from a small, barren tank at the Melka Hotel, where day after day, he performed for paying tourists. Since arriving to the sanctuary, he has been rehabilitating under our watchful team.

the dolphin project

Rocky was also forced to endure endless performances for paying tourists before being confiscated from the Melka Hotel. Since arriving to the sanctuary, he too continues to rehabilitate and will never be used for “entertainment” again.

By making a gift of regular support, you’ll ensure that they can provide the quality care needed for the health and welfare of the rescued dolphins in our stewardship. It’s fast, simple and offers immediate benefits for the dolphins.

For 50 years, Dolphin Project has prided themselves on the strength of our supporters. 

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