Estee Lauder Launches Act IV By Danielle Lauder

Launched on Sunday, January 5, Estée Lauder introduces Act IV, a limited-edition makeup collection created with Estée Lauder’s great-granddaughter and aspiring actress, Danielle Lauder. Like Estée before her, Danielle finds inspiration in the beauty of old Hollywood. Act IV, a cinematic reference to Danielle as a fourth-generation Lauder Family member, combines Danielle’s beauty legacy with her passion for acting and love of Hollywood glamour.

As an actress, Danielle has had to master the art of makeup for different lighting as she goes from audition to in front of the camera. Act IV is inspired by the concept of looking beautiful in any light, with glow-enhancing skin perfectors, dreamy pastels, and statement lipsticks that allow every woman to feel like a star.

“Act IV combines my two greatest passions, acting and beauty, to allow every woman to feel like the star of her own life," says Danielle. “It provides the finishing touches that allow every woman to add that extra bit of glamour to her everyday life.”

The limited edition collection consists of:

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