h Club LA Collaborates With Capitol Records Featuring LA Artists

Angelenos are anticipating the opening of h Club LA in the heart of Hollywood on Vine Street.

h club la, capitol records

It's the first global expansion of London’s popular members-only club for creatives, opening at the end of March. h Club LA will elaborate on its London counterpart’s rich international art program, showcasing works from some of the area’s most exciting talent and featuring an original collaboration with Capitol Records. 

Founded in 2004 by late philanthropist and entrepreneur Paul G. Allen in London, England, h Club has developed a strong reputation for working with and supporting the city’s flourishing creative talent. As such, h Club LA’s art program will serve as the foundation for the club’s cultural programming, paying homage to the city’s creative essence with local artist involvement and bringing the membership community together through private viewings, screenings and talks. 

The program will feature works from over 50 local Los Angeles and international artists, allowing each to be seen in the club’s public spaces and bedrooms. The curated selection emphasizes contemporary artists whose work embodies the creative characteristics of the space and its sectors, from sustainability, film, installation, photography and beyond. With many of the artists pervading some of the area’s major art fairs in 2019, from Frieze Los Angeles, to Photo LA, to ALAC, the selection is a tangible testament to the club’s dedication to championing local talent. 

capitol records

Capitol Records collaboration

“The h Club LA art program is our visual love letter to the city,” said h Club LA Art Curator Ali Hillman. “We have travelled far and wide, visiting artists in their studios, listening to their ideas and insights about their practice. The selected artists represent the pulse and heartbeat within these four walls, stimulating our membership community with their energy and passion.”

The club’s member spaces will feature installations of multiple works from Aaron Sandnes, Anja Niemi, Lisa Anne Auerbach, and individual works by Megan Whitmarsh, Gina Osterloh and Christian J Vincent. Irreplaceable pieces from world-renowned inventor Ivan Moscovich will be seen in Los Angeles for the first time on the fifth floor, alongside the politically imbued work of Aaron Sandnes. Norwegian artist Anja Niemi will also contribute, showcasing her widely acclaimed body of work “She Could Have Been a Cowboy” on the sixth floor. Each of the 35 bedrooms will feature one or more pieces from a diverse and eclectic range of artists as well.

The program will additionally feature a unique collaboration between h Club LA and their neighbor, the illustrious Capitol Records. The project, displayed along the club’s hallways, will celebrate the two’s mutual commitment to cultivating artistic talent and spotlight their shared home on Vine Street as a creative corridor.

h club la, Jenny hager

Jenny Hager

Titled the LSD Project, the collaboration will premiere a previously unpublished suite of 70 newly discovered photographs from the Capitol Records archives. A selection of real-life photographs depicting youth culture of the sixties, the concept from which the collection draws inspiration coincides with the famed LSD album, a crucial document of the era that features contributions from Timothy Leary, Allen Ginsberg and other psychedelic luminaries. 

The artists and their works will be part of a rotational program for one full year, with a new collection debuting in 2020.

For more information and to apply for membership, visit

Artists Featured in Public Spaces: Aaron Sandnes, Anja Niemi, The Capitol Records Archives, Chris Peters, Christian J. Vincent, Gina Osterloh, Ivan Moscovich, Lisa Anne Auerbach, Gianfranco Cioffi, Kim Dingle, Thomas Linder, Jacqueline de Jong, Emma Ferreira, 

Artists Featured in Bedrooms: Aaron Axelrod, Aaron Sandnes,  Brian Thomas Jones, Chris Coy, Chris Peters, Christy Matson,  David Ellingsen, David Leapman, Devin Troy Strother, Ethan Caflisch, Heather Rassmussan, Jack Azar, Jennifer Hager, Jenny Sullivan, Jeremy Shockley, Jessica Poundstone, Joe Davidson, Jonathan Ducrest, Jonni Cheatwood, Manolo Campion, Max Presneill, Max Wanger, Megan Whitmarsh, Mike Kelley, Nora Shields, Nydia Blas, Oliver Clegg, Jill Furmanovsky, Sabina Hill, Squeak Carnwath, Steve Wolkoff, Tahnee Lonsdale, Thomas Witte, Valerie Wilcox, Wendy Bevan, Xiaowen Zhu, Lisa Anne Auerbach, David Stetson, Chris King, Max Maslansky, Andrea Tese 

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