It’s Orangutan Caring Week: Give Back To International Animal Rescue

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Did you know that it's Orangutan Caring Week?! International Animal Rescue is currently caring for more than 100 orangutans at their rescue and rehabilitation centre. All these orangutans have heart breaking stories and require round-the-clock care to recover from the traumas of their past and learn what it means to be an orangutan once more.

They receive expert veterinary treatment, they learn to climb, forage and build nests – all the essential skills they should have learned from their mothers in the wild.

orangutan, international animal rescue

Joss is just one of the orphaned babies they are caring for. She was kept as a pet and treated like a toy – dragged around and squeezed like a teddy. She was severely traumatised and would keep her arms tucked tightly around her body whilst repeatedly banging her head against the wall.

Thankfully, She has made a miraculous recovery due to the determination of IAR's expert vets but she still has a long way to go to recover from the psychological trauma of being captured and treated so terribly in captivity.

Give back this holiday season. CLICK HERE.

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