Meowijuana Is Cannabis (aka Catnnabis) For Cats!

meowijuana, national cat day, catnip

Have you ever seen a cat melt at the sight of Catnip? They roll around in it, rub their faces into the ground where the nip lies and fall into a state of complete euphoria. On National Cat Day, we're featuring the feline's favorite plant. Let's just call it the 'cannabis for cats:' Catnip.

Meowijuana is one of the coolest catnip companies around, catering to all cat stoners! First, let's talk about what Catnip is and why does it make your cat so happy?! 

Catnip plants (Nepeta cataria and other Nepeta species) are members of the mint family and contain volatile oils, sterols, acids and tannins. Native to Europe, Asia and Africa, the plant was brought to North America by settlers. Nepetalactone, one of catnip's volatile oils, enters the cat's nasal tissue, where it is believed to bind to protein receptors that stimulate sensory neurons. These cells, in turn, provoke a response in neurons in the olfactory bulb. The hypothalamus regulates neuroendocrine responses through the pituitary gland, creating a "sexual response." Basically, the cat reacts to an artificial cat pheromone.

Can your cat get addicted to Catnip? No, it's non-addictive and completely harmless. 

It's said that about 70 to 80 percent of cats exhibit the behavior of pure pleasure and happiness when you give them Catnip.

meowijuana, national cat day, catnip

Our cat reporter, Blanche tested Meowijuana's products and she gives them all FOUR paws up! Check out: 

Catnip Buds in a jar: Their Purrple Passion Catnip Buds are 100% organic. They’re made from the finest and most totally awesome fragrant Catnip Blossoms. It’s the finest ‘Catnibas’ you can get without being pulled over and searched. Their natural catnip buds are harvested at the peak of the plant’s essential oil production. Pair it with their catnip bud grinder. 

Catnip Collection: The ultimate gift for your favorite furry feline for any holiday. Within the Meowijuana Tote Bag, your catnip lovin' buddy will find 6 King Catnibas™ J's, 7 bottles of our premium 'nip – Meowi Waui, Purrple Passion, Kalico Kush, Whisker Tickler, Mice Dreams, Paw Natural OG, and Feline Express – 1 Freshly Rolled Spliff toy filled with our Purrple Passion Catnip, 1 Catnip Spray, 5 samples baggies to pass out to your friends, 2 – small muslin bags you can use as toys. 

meowijuana, national cat day, catnip

Blanche's favorite are the Catnip Joints. She rolls them around on the ground for a good time!

Happy National Cat Day!

meowijuana, national cat day, catnip

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