The DynaTrap From Hammacher Schlemmer Is A Garden Must-Have

It’s finally summer and I love it, but what I don’t love are all the bugs and especially the mosquitoes that come along with it. This year I decided to make it a project and find a way to enjoy the outdoors in the evening and not worry so much about having them invade my home each time I leave my doors open for the dogs.

Looking closely at my options, I turned to Hammacher Schlemmer, which has great options for your garden and For-Home needs.

Hammacher Schlemmer dynatrap

I discovered The One Acre Decorative Mosquito Trap from Dynatrap. It is engineered for 3-way protection against mosquitos and other flying insects for up to an acre away.

Two types of lure are used; one UV light-based and the other, which is CO2 based and attracts the pests and sucks them into the vacuum.

This is the decorative CO2 mosquito trap that captures and kills insects without harmful chemicals. It emits carbon dioxide (the same gas people expel during respiration) that is generated when ultraviolet rays from the internal fluorescent bulbs react with a titanium dioxide coating inside the trap.

The carbon dioxide and warm UV light in this outdoor mosquito trap lures mosquitoes to the trap and an integrated fan traps them in a removable compartment where they die of dehydration. Unlike propane systems that require frequent refills or electrocution traps that release pathogens when an insect is killed, this CO2 mosquito trap uses 3,000-hour rated UV bulbs and does not create harmful biological agents.

After getting my device, I read the instructions carefully and the first condition was to make sure that I had the proper location. It had to be placed 3 to 6 feet above ground, 20 to 40 feet away from the primary door in a damp and shady area. With the help of an extension cord, I was able to install it successfully.

dynatrap, hammacher schlemmer

One thing you must do is clean the trap every week or so. It is recommended to leave the DynaTrap on, continuously operating. And do not turn the lights off. It works for all flying insects. No pesticides are needed and it is propane-free and odor-free.

I have to admit, so far the DynaTrap has changed my life for the better. Although, I still have a few bugs and mosquitoes that have been able to avoid their fate, it is a life-changer. I think that I need a couple of smaller DynaTraps because I have a two-story house. To everyone out there that loves the outdoors but cannot stand the bugs, I recommend that you get yourself a DYNATRAP from Hammacher Schlemmer. And no, I was not paid to say that!

Find it at for $214.95

To learn more aout DynaTrap and get your very own visit:

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