Sima Mosbacher: The Queen of Lashes Behind Moitié Cosmetics

Since I was a young girl, I have always been fascinated with eye lashes. I’m sure there are millions of women around the world who share my fascination.

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The evolution of lashes: Seena Owen (1916), Sima Mosbacher (2019) & Marilyn Monroe (1950's)

However, the funny thing is that false eyelashes were first invented by a man. That’s right; the American film director D.W. Griffith is the source of false lashes. While making his 1916 motion picture "Intolerance," Griffith wanted his star, Seena Owen to have lashes “larger than life.” To achieve his goal, he asked one of his wigmakers to weave human hair through fine gauze, which was then glued to Owen's eyelids. Moving on to the 50’s, eyelashes were made out of plastic and it immediately became the rage in Hollywood. Everyone began to notice that actresses looked even more glamourous.  In the early 2000’s, Japan went even further, introducing the “lash-by-lash” technique. Each false lash was attached to each natural one. This was a breakthrough in the industry. Sable and mink fur taken from the shading hair of animals were used.

Today, we have what is called the lash segment, definitely easier and faster to apply. This brings us to the introduction of an eyelash expert and the founder of Moitié Cosmetics, Sima Mosbacher. She was a computer engineer who went on to become the “World’s Youngest Female Commercial Pilot” at just 20 years old, eventually preparing to take on the title of “The Queen of Eyelashes.” Intrigued by her accomplishments at such a young age, we met at my office for a brief interview. 

Where are you from? 

I was born in Azerbaijan in 1997, formerly a part of Soviet Union Russia. It is a small country with 9 million people. It's a very conservative country where before you marry, you cannot date. Girls are getting married at age 15 and 16. To be a 20 year-old woman is very old for them. Women are objects there. We had a difficult life. My mother lost her parents and her two brothers when she was quite young. 

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I understand that you speak 5 languages

That is correct. I speak Azeri, Turkish, Chinese, English and Russian. My mother is a language professor and wrote a lot of books for the education system. My dad has a PHD in chemistry and has his own company. 

You are so young, when did you start your business?

When I was 11 years-old, I created my first start-up company. It was a mobile app, so I always had an entrepreneurial spirit. I had 5 start-ups before I moved to Turkey. I was making money in college working in TV and movies. I was in a top-rated style show. Before that, I was doing merchandising in stores. I was modeling as well and earning money trying not to depend on my parents.

You went to Turkey when you were a teenager. How long did you stay?

I stayed there for 6 years and after college at age 19, I applied for the pilot Academy, which is very competitive. There are few women who make it. Every year, many people apply to become pilots. It's a prestigious job and in Turkey, they are passionate about flying.

Did you start with a Cessna?

No. I started with a single engine Diamond VA20 directly with a commercial airline who taught me the ropes. The company required everyone to pass astronaut tests, because you had to pilot an airbus 320. They only accepted about 250 people every year and I made it. Immediately after having my license, I quit my TV career. I wanted to be an astronaut and have my own business.

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How did the name Moitie Cosmetics come about?

I met my husband in the airport. He was in Istanbul. On our second date, we both got each other a candle which said 'Moitie,' meaning – half. It was a coincidence that we both had purchased the same Oud Candle. At that precise moment I realized that he was my other half.

When did you launch Moitie?

The product was ready in January 2019. In April, I started trying it out on customers. I brought women to my office and gave them product, asked them about it, how long it lasted, etc. In May of 2019, I launched my website.

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Will you launch more products?

We have new products coming shortly: lasting brow gel as well as a 7-day lasting multi-purpose product; which includes a blush, eyeshadow and tint. It dries in a few minutes and it lasts even if you wash your face. It fades on its own. It sits on the epidermis and does not damage your skin or clog your pores. 

Although, she is a true innovator, Sima continues to live her passion for flying and is currently training for the National Aerial Acrobatic Championships.

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