X-Pole: How Pole Strengthening Can Help OCR Athletes

When many see pole dancing videos and photos, they immediately think of a specific profession that starts with an 'S.' But… times they are a changin'. Pole dancing is not only a sport recognized by the Sports Federation, but it's highly competitive. Combining acrobatic, dance and gymnastic-like skills, some people might say that pole sport dancers are stronger than some Crossfit stars (I'm one of those people). 

Did you know that pole dancing has been traced back at least eight hundred years to the traditional Indian sport of mallakhamb? And, the Chinese pole, originating in India, uses two poles on which men would perform "gravity defying tricks" as they leap from pole to pole, at approximately twenty feet in the air. Pretty incredible!

As an OCR (obstacle course racing) athlete, I discovered X-Pole through a friend. One of the leading companies in the pole and aerial industry, their SPORT and STATIC to SPINNING home poles are high quality.

Upper body strength is a must to conquer obstacles. If you're looking for a fun new way to strengthen those arms and your grip… look no further. X-Pole's XPERT PRO can help you to complete: 

  • Rings
  • Rope Climb
  • Rock Climbing or Spartan Race's Z-Wall


They call it the most advanced spinning & static mechanism in the world, with its X-LOCK function. This pole spins and stays put with its static element. If you need an extension, no problem, they can add one!

  • Assembly: Read the instructions carefully. Display the pole parts on the floor and assemble with patience! Once you assemble it for the first time, it's easy to take down and put back up! You get the hang of it. You can always look to their Youtube channel for visual instructions:

  • Features:
    • X-LOCK allows you to switch from static to spinning in an instant and back with just a flick of the wrist, no tools needed.
    • Pressure mounted pole that fits heights between 7’ 6” to 9’ 1″
    • Optional extensions for ceiling heights above 9’ 1″ up to 11’ 1”
  • Design: Super sleek… Available in Chrome, Stainless Steel, Brass, Titanium Gold, Powder Coat (Black, Pink & White) and Silicone (45mm diameter only Black & Pink), and in both 40mm & 45mm pole diameters.

OK, now that you have the pole up… how do you use it?

Simply climbing it is a workout, but you want to look good doing it! I looked to their Youtube Channel and others for some great instructional videos on choreography:

I recommend the SPORT, which doesn't spin for grip and core workouts. 

Give it a try! Order online at: 

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