Wine Innovation: Cass Vineyard’s Cloned Grapes From France

CASS VINEYARD's DNA is from France…

cass vineyard

In 2000, they planted wine grape clones certified by ENTAV, the agency that is responsible for certification of wine grape clones in France.

Cass Vineyard was among the first vineyards in California to be planted entirely to ENTAV certified clones. They have 11 varietals including seven Rhône and four red Bordeaux. Deposited over centuries, the diverse alluvial soils make for an expressive site that produces fruit of incredible quality.

The wine I just tried was their 2017 Grenache. Few people hear of Grenache. It is a delicate variety of grapes which demands hand-picking in late September. The fruit is de-stemmed and fermented in small tanks, with regular pump-overs to aid extraction. In order to let the varietal fruit shine through, the wine was aged in neutral French oak barrels. Following this repetition further, the wine is left unblended in order to let the Grenache be as a pure 100% varietal wine.

cass vineyard

Wines from Central Coast California 2017 Grenache from Cass winery, a must try. I am not a wine critic or even a connoisseur but simply someone who appreciates good wines and good food and there is plenty to choose from. I recently was made aware of Cass Vineyard, a Winery located east of the "Templeton Gap" in the rolling oak-studded hills between Paso Robles and Creston on California's Central Coast. The region receives the evening's cooling breezes that the west side of Paso Robles is known for but yet far enough from the coast to generate the heat needed to ripen the Rhone varieties grown on their 145 acre estate.

When ready for tasting, it has a soft and velvety texture revealing a medley of red fruits which is welcoming to the nose and very pleasant to the palate. It is perfect for lunch, dinner or an aperitif. If you cannot locate this wine near you, get it online. You won't regret it.

cass vineyard grenache wine review

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