Summer Wine Spotlight: Chanmé Frosé Comes In A Pouch

Launched in fall 2018 out of Charleston, Chanmé Frosé is a lightly sweetened and frozen version of Rosé wine.

It was created by co-founders, Jaxon Reilly and Dillon Bryan. The team first formed a partnership with the Washington Capitals NHL hockey team, which kickstarted the sales of their wine during the winter months at stadiums.

Today, Chanmé Frosé is gearing up for the summer months. Millennials have been the first to sip the California wine. Packaged in 10 Fl oz pouches, it perfectly caters to modern day consumers' tastes and needs. Chanmé Frosé has only 6.9% alcohol and can be bought online

Perfect for those Summer picnics.

Chanmé Frosé is available nationwide online.

Click here to try!

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