President Trump Meets With Canada’s Prime Minister Trudeau For Largest Trade Deal

Today, President Trump met with Prime Minister Trudeau of Canada to agree on the "largest trade deal." During the meeting, President Trump commented on the recent drone attack in Iran.

The United States and Canada share the longest international border in the world, maintaining a vital flow of goods, services, and people.

STRENGTHENING VITAL ECONOMIC TIES: The United States and Canada are expanding strong economic ties and promoting prosperity in both countries through USMCA.

  • The United States and Canada enjoy the world’s largest and most comprehensive trade and investment relationship, supporting millions of jobs in our two countries.
    • United States goods and services trade with Canada totaled more than $700 billion in 2018.
    • Canada was the United States’ largest goods export market in 2018 and the largest foreign trading partner for 33 states.
    • The United States and Canada had more than $844 billion invested in one another’s economies as of 2017.
  • The USMCA will be the largest trade agreement in history.
    • USMCA contains the strongest and most comprehensive labor and environmental chapters of any trade agreement ever negotiated.
    • The agreement is a huge win for American auto workers, as it will generate $34 billion in new investments and 76,000 new jobs in the auto industry across the United States.
    • The agreement will incentivize the use of high-wage labor in auto manufacturing.
    • Thanks to USMCA, American farmers and ranchers will have access to an expanded, fairer market to export their goods.

The United States and Canada are also working together to achieve the denuclearization of North Korea.

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