Pets Are Good For Your Health: Bring Your Dog To Work!

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This June, the American Heart Association, the world's leading voluntary organization focused on heart and brain health, is launching Best Friend Fridays™, an initiative that celebrates happy minds and healthy hearts one pet parent at a time.

As if pet parents needed more reason to brag about their furry friends – studies show that pets may be good for their health. According to a scientific statement by the American Heart Association, pets may help their owners get more exercise, may lower blood pressure and cholesterol and boost happiness.

Not only that, pets at work may help reduce stress, increase productivity and improve employee satisfaction, teamwork and collaboration. This initiative encourages employers to designate one or all Fridays in June as Best Friend Fridays™ when employees can bring their pets to work and donate to support important heart research and education – for humans – at

"Pet companionship is associated with overall better health and wellbeing," said American Heart Association CEO Nancy Brown. "According to our research, pet companionship may lead to a more active lifestyle, lower blood pressure and reduced stress at home, in the workplace and when managing medical challenges. That's why the American Heart Association is creating Best Friend Fridays™. We're bringing awareness to the positive impact our four-legged friends have on our hearts and our minds."

Companies everywhere can join the American Heart Association in the fight to lick heart disease and stroke by supporting Best Friend Fridays™ this June in the following ways:

  • DONATE Ask your employer to celebrate Best Friend Fridays™ this June. Bring your pet to work and give $25, $55 or $505 in honor of your heart's best friend. Your gift will support important heart research and education (for humans). That's a high-five for heart health!
  • GET SOCIAL When you bring your pet to work on Best Friend Fridays™, post a selfie of you and your heart's best friend to spread the word using #BestFriendFridays.
  • TAKE IT OUTSIDE If your company does not have pets at work yet, find a park where you and your pet can meet up with other pet parents in your company! It could be a whole new way to make new friends with your best friend.

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