CANVIVA Introduces Largest Line Of CBD Tincture

C4Life, Inc. of Minnetonka announced the release of a new line of cannabidiol (CBD) products called CANVIVA™. 


The initial launch of CANVIVA includes 10 functional tinctures (drops taken under the tongue) and is available beginning June 12, 2019.  CANVIVA also includes a pet product and two topical products, which are applied to the skin.

CANVIVA will advance the C4Life mission and vision—to become the most recognizable and trusted CBD brand in the US, the go-to resource for inspiration, education, and the highest quality products available.  As CANVIVA, the brand will place more focus on product functionality with new tinctures specially formulated to help with specific conditions.  Tinctures are among the most effective ways to take CBD according to Consumer Reports.  

"As the gold standard for effectiveness, CBD tinctures align with our company mission to deliver products that benefit consumers the most," said CANVIVA co-founder, Jim Zimmerman. "Our research team will continue to identify essential oils and plant terpenes that deliver additional benefits for specific needs and conditions and continually expand the CANVIVA product line," continued Zimmerman.

"As a new category with hundreds of brands, retailers and consumers are appropriately concerned about the quality and safety of CBD," said CANVIVA co-founder Dave Rye. "We are the only brand to carry the PURE CERTIFIED CBD™ seal which goes beyond industry standards for safety criteria, including CBD oil source and country of manufacture.  We third party test each batch of product and post results on the CANVIVA website so consumers can be assured that the products they purchase deliver exactly what is claimed," added Rye.

The initial ten offerings in the CANVIVA™ tincture line will be the largest and most specialized in the CBD category.  It includes:

  • PURE CBD Oil Tincture, 500mg CBD, for well-being
  • PURE CBD Oil Tincture, 1500mg CBD, high potency for well-being
  • RESTORE CBD Oil Tincture, 500mg CBD oil with Turmeric and Ginger essential oils, for muscle support
  • REST (formerly SERENITY) CBD Oil Tincture, 500mg with essential oils of Chamomile & Clary Sage for sleep support
  • CALM CBD Oil Tincture, 500mg CBD with essential oils of Bergamot & Ylang Ylang for stress support
  • BALANCE CBD Oil Tincture, 500mg CBD with essential oils of Fenugreek & Thyme for digestive support
  • BOOST CBD Oil Tincture, 500mg CBD with essential oils of Coriander & Lemon for energy support
  • FOCUS CBD Oil Tincture, 500mg CBD with essential oils of Holy Basil & Lemon Balm for cognitive support
  • PURE MINT CBD Oil Tincture, 500mg CBD with essential oils of Spearmint & Cardamom for essential mint taste
  • SOLUBLE CBD Oil Tincture, 500mg CBD, water soluble for use in liquids and foods

CANVIVA™ will offer one pet product:

  • PURE PET CBD Oil Tincture, 500mg with Salmon Oil, for cats and dogs

CANVIVA™ topical products:

  • RELIEVE CBD Oil Roll-On Pain Gel, 300mg, cooling formula with Arnica for muscle support
  • SOOTHE CBD Oil Balm, 300mg with Shea Butter and Lavender for skin ease

About CANVIVA™:  Formerly C4Life, CANVIVA offers superior quality PURE CERTIFIED CBD™ oil products including tinctures, topical products, and pet tinctures. CANVIVA is the trusted, go-to CBD brand for inspiration and education. From soil to certification, CANVIVA products are made with phytocannabinoid rich, full spectrum cannabinoid (CBD) oil from hemp that is organically grown in the U.S.A. and formulated to support a variety of health concerns to help consumers be the best you.  C4Life is now CANVIVA. .

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