Archie Comics Celebrate Royal Baby’s Name

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As previously announced, her Royal Highness The Duchess of Sussex Megan Markle and Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry welcomed their first child and son. 

Now the son has a name: Archie. Of course, for many of us Americans – the first thing we think of is Archie Comics. The comic book company was among the first to post their congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex upon the royals’ announcement today of their first born’s name.

Might the royals have been inspired by the classic comic book character? Twitter seems to think so – speculation was a Twitter Moment!

The iconic Archie Comics red-headed character Archie Andrews was created in 1941 by writer Vic Bloom, artist Bob Montana and publisher John L. Goldwater. The live-action version of him is portrayed by actor K.J. Apa on CW's Riverdale.

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