10 Of The Most Dog-Friendly Cities To Pamper Your Pup In The USA

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Given the growing trend of dog owners treating their pets as VIPs (very important pooches), it’s apparent that some cities are more accommodating for four-legged furry friends than others. From hydrotherapy to dog scootering, as well as the number of parks, vets and dog salons in major American towns and cities, the new study by reveals the best locations to pamper your pooch.

Best US cities to make a fuss of your four-legged friend

  1. Long Beach, California – The coastal city in southern California takes the top spot for the best cities to treat your dog to some pampering. With 985 dog training centres, over 445 kennels and a staggering 259 dog grooming salons, you can treat your canine to some well-deserved comfort.
  2. Mesa, Arizona – Coming in at second, the city of Mesa is a hub for pampering your furry friend, with over 619 vets, 546 dog training centres and 337 kennels. 
  3. Atlanta, Georgia – The state capital of Georgia ranks third in the list thanks to its 65 great open parks, 661 vets and 139 dog salons.
  4. Sacramento, California – Sacramento comes in fourth in the rank of pampered pooch capitals. It boasts 88 large parks, 471 dog training facilities and an impressive 439 vets located across the city.
  5. Seattle, Washington – Surrounded by mountains, forest and parkland, Seattle is a great city for your canine. It is also home to a staggering 96 parks, 673 vets, 663 dog training centres, and 152 dog salons.

Top UK locations for pooch-pampering

  1. Nottingham – Famed for its legends of Robin Hood, Nottingham is also the capital for indulging your dog. With over 16 large parks and 14 dog salons across the city, and with the third highest number of dog-training facilities (totalling 71), Nottingham takes the top spot.
  2. Liverpool – Liverpool ranks second in the list for the best city to treat your furry friend with 11 dog grooming salons, 261 kennels, and a whopping 107 parks for your dog to stretch its legs and roam.
  3. Hull – The East Yorkshire city of Hull is in third place when it comes to pampered pooch capitals thanks to its 26 dog training centres, 116 kennels situated across the city, and 46 parks. 
  4. Birmingham – Birmingham takes fourth place with 26 dog salons, 84 dog training facilities and an impressive 205 vets scattered across the city. 
  5. Edinburgh – The Scottish capital takes fifth place on the list with 26 dog training centres, 25 vets, and 155 parks.

Pampered Pooch Capitals

For more information on the pampered pooch capitals or to see the full list here.

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