Medical Marijuana Inc. Launches 29 New Cannabis Products

Medical Marijuana, Inc. (OTC: MJNA), the first-ever publicly traded cannabis company in the United States, today announced that it has introduced 29 new herb accessories on its e-commerce website.

medical marijuana inc

With legalization progressing all over the country, demand for these products has grown significantly year after year. Medical Marijuana, Inc.'s mission to make sure consumers are educated and provided high quality choices that will meet their needs for health and wellness.

The products in the collection include high-quality storage containers, grinders, pipes, and vaporizers from the industry's most trusted brands:


Vaping has quickly become the go-to method for many consumers due to massive innovation in technology over the last several years, with the most advanced vaporizers even featuring connected smart phone apps. Research has also shown vaping to be a healthier alternative than smoking, as combustion of material is not involved. Medical Marijuana Inc.'s vaporizers align with any lifestyle, from those who enjoy the relaxing process while at home, to those looking to fit in quick draws while traveling. With vaporizers in different sizes, including stylus-sized vape pens that are compact enough to fit into any pocket, these vaporizers will help you enjoy your herb or extract of choice.

Pipes & Glass

Pipes are still one of the most popular methods to consume dry flower due to the wide variety of sizes and shapes, as well as ease of use. Medical Marijuana Inc.'s curated collection of pipes feature various types that cater to all customers. Pipes include smaller sizes for quick one puff uses, medium sizes for longer sessions, and larger sizes with oversized stems for more powerful hits. Other unique features include pocket-friendly pipes to use for saving leftover flower for later, durable silicone stemmed, and pipes designed and endorsed by celebrities.

Storage Containers & Grinders

Storage containers and grinders are important accessories to maximize the shelf life and useful amount of your dry flower or extracts. Vacuum sealed storage solutions are the best way to make protect dry flower and extracts from exposure to light and air. Medical Marijuana, Inc.'s selection of non-stick and water-resistant airtight jars in a variety of sizes help you keep your herb fresh for as long as possible. Medical Marijuana, Inc.'s expertly selected grinders help to get the kind of fine consistency most consumers prefer and minimize waste, while keeping all parts of the herb contained.

To learn more about Medical Marijuana Inc., the accessories and tools you need to complete your collection plus other CBD and hemp products please visit Learn more about how to use these products at

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