TahiniBAR: The Perfect Treat To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth


I remember when I was a little girl, everytime we left the Jewish deli I would press my hands up against the glass casing by the front desk. My mouth watered at the sight of sweet halvah bars. I always asked my parents if I could bring one home for dessert. 

Found in many Middle Eastern markets, halvah is a soft, fudgelike candy made out of sesame paste. It is simply delicious. We recently discovered the gluten free TahiniBAR line. I took one bite out of their cocoa bits bar and my taste buds had a flashback to my childhood treat! Like tahini and its decadent dessert cousin, halvah, the energy bars are made from all-natural roasted sesame seeds.

Absolutely Gluten Free, maker of all-natural crackers, flatbreads, and pizza… created the TahiniBAR, a grab-and-go sesame seed snack that weighs in at only 100 calories. All varieties are, vegan, certified OU Kosher and dairy-free.

Did you know that sesame seeds are truly one of the most ancient foods on earth? In fact, sesame plants are the oldest known plant species to be grown primarily for their seeds (pods) and oils rather than for their leaves, fruit or vegetables.

Sesame seeds help boost energy levels and are a good source of vitamins, minerals, protein, fiber, Calcium, Iron, Zinc and potassium.  Much lower in calories than many other bars, this 100% gluten-free treat is available in three delectable varieties – Cocoa Nibs, Pistachio, and Vanilla – and sold in packs of 7 bars (4.4 oz.). The MSRP is $3.99 – $4.49 per 7- bar package.

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