Lobster Pound Owner Gets Lobster High Before Boiling To Ease The Pain

Charlotte gill

Charlotte Gill, a lobster pound owner, is trying a new technique to ease the pain when the lobster meets its untimely death: boiling water. She's getting the lobster high.

As reported by Mount Desert Islander, a lobster named Roscoe was the first to experience a technique which Gill is hoping will be more humane way of executing lobsters.

So, how does the lobster get high? Roscoe was placed in a covered box with about two inches of water at the bottom. Marijuana smoke was then blown into the water at the bottom of the box.

Gill believes that the treatment sedates the animals and could make their deaths less traumatic.

“It’s a unique place and you get to do such unique things but at the expense of this little creature. I’ve really been trying to figure out how to make it better," Gill told Mount Desert Islander.

Should we try this at home?

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