tarte cosmetics Stands Up To Cyber Bullying

tarte cosmeticstarte cosmetics is sick of seeing internet trolls clogging up IG feeds with hateful, provoking, and just plain mean comments.  Wouldn't the world be a better place if we used the powers of social media for good? That's where National Kiss & Makeup day (Saturday, 8/25) comes in. tarte cosmetics wants you to help drown out negativity with kindness. 

#kissandmakeup is a campaign tarte launched in 2016 to raise awareness about the negative impacts of cyberbullying. They've partnered with the Tyler Clementi Foundation to help prevent bullying while spreading kindness & making a statement of positivity across social media.  

This year, tarte is spreading the #kissandmakeup message by leaving kiss mark emojis any time they see bullying in their feeds – whether it's rude comments piling up below someone's post or people fighting amongst each other, tarte's goal is to work together to hide the hate with expressions of love! tarte would love for you to get involved!  Below are the call-to-action details PLUS other fun deals & launches:  

Help @tartecosmetics take a stand against cyberbullies by using kiss mark emojis to flush out negative comments from our social media feeds:

    • Any time you see negative comments under someone's post, leave as many kiss mark emojis as you can! This will help overpower negativity & keep bullying at bay! 
    • If you see people asking "what's with the kiss marks?", respond with #kissandmakeup so they can learn more about @tartecosmetics efforts to help end cyberbullying. 

On National Kiss and Makeup day (8/25) ONLY, purchase one of tarte's limited-edition #kissandmakeup sets –and you'll get 20% off, while donating 20% of the sales to the Tyler Clementi Foundation (*up to $20K) 


ALL #kissandmakeup product purchases come with this FREE hat so you can block the shade while spreading +++ vibes

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