Summer Recipe: Try This Delish Coconut & Olives Mash Up

A delicious summer recipe from "Olives From Spain:" Spanish ajoblanco with coconut and Manzanilla olives…

coconut, olives

WHAT YOU NEED: 4/6 people

Difficulty: Medium

Prep Time: 20 min

• 5 oz. Manzanilla olives

• 5.5 oz. peeled almonds

• 12 fl. oz. coconut milk

• 7 oz. bread

• 1 clove of garlic without its germinated

• 2.5 fl. oz. Extra Virgin olive oil

• 1.2 fl. oz rice vinegar

• Salt

• Water if necessary to get the texture

• 2 sprigs of mint or good grass


Step 1: Cut half of the olives into slices and leave the rest whole. Set aside.

Step 2: Put the almond, coconut milk, bread, garlic, olive oil, vinegar and salt to taste in a blender and grind for 8 minutes until the cream is very thin. Pass through a fine strainer and set aside in a refrigerator.

Step 3: In a deep dish we put as base in the center the chopped olives. Pour the cream and finish with a few drops of extra virgin olive oil and some mint leaves.

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