The IHOB Burger Is Here And It’s Delicious!

Michele Elyzabeth, IHOB, burgers

The IHOB burger and LATF USA's publisher Michele Elyzabeth

We finally found out what IHOB stood for! International House of Burgers! For a short period of time, IHOP, the legendary house of pancakes is transforming itself into the house of burgers.

LATF USA attended the event which took place Monday evening in Hollywood. The mood was festive, sipping on wine and champagne while we all waited for the 100% Angus burgers made to order. They did not disappoint. It was, by far, the best burger that I have had in quite some time.

Everything was delicious, from the little canopies made with tiny slices of waffles topped with fried chicken bits, to the desserts made of tiny pancakes with fresh fruits.

We were greeted by IHOP’s President Darren Rebelez who reassured us that the House of Pancakes was not going anywhere. “We wanted to try something new, why not burgers?" Darren said.

otis stokes, latfusa, ihob

LATF's President Otis Stokes with his burger + egg and his mini pancakes!

He also let us know that this promotion would be temporary before returning to their signature breakfast menu. A bold move if you ask me, considering that they are located right across the street from In n’ Out Burger. I happen to love their burgers, but honestly, compared to the one that I had yesterday at IHOB, they don't compare. If you are in Hollywood, you MUST try their burgers, it is simply to die for!

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