SCAD Museum of Fashion+Film Hosts Pierre Carden Exhibit

pierre Cardin, scad fashionSavannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) today announced a new major retrospective exhibition of the legendary fashion futurist Pierre Cardin at the SCAD FASH Museum of Fashion + Film from March 27 – Sept. 30. 

Best known for his 1960s space-age style featuring tunics, helmets, geometric shapes and vinyl, Cardin has pushed the boundaries of fashion for seven decades by exploring new materials and silhouettes.

The exhibition presents more than 70 iconic looks for both women and men from the 1950s to present and includes several pieces from the SCAD permanent collection. Describing his principal philosophy, Cardin explained, "The clothes I prefer are the garments I invent for a lifestyle that does not yet exist — the world of tomorrow." The exhibition celebrates Cardin's spirit and vision, both unwaveringly inspired by the future. 

"Pierre Cardin has always been a futurist, and innovative thinking has served as the cornerstone of his immense career success. What better way to celebrate his legacy as a pioneer of design and business practice-in fashion, global commerce, art, architecture, advertising, entertainment-than a newly curated exhibition of his work at SCAD, the world's preeminent university for creative professions?" said SCAD president and founder Paula Wallace. "Come to SCAD FASH to see what Pierre saw. Come celebrate the man, the creator, the legend. Come step into the future he saw for us all." 

In addition to fashion, Cardin's avant-garde style and innovation extends to accessories, costume design, jewelry, product design, fragrances, furniture, theatrical production and more. As the first haute couture designer credited with democratizing fashion, Cardin broke from tradition in 1959 by debuting a women's ready-to-wear collection inspired by his couture designs, presenting luxury to the masses. This move revolutionized the fashion industry and made his designs accessible to a clientele with a contemporary lifestyle.  

The exhibition is open to the public with the cost of museum admission. Admission is free for all museum members, as well as SCAD students, faculty and staff with a valid SCAD Card. For more information on the exhibition, visit

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