A Hologram Bunny for Easter… It’s A Real Thing

Ok, you bring out the basket of colorful plastic eggs and a few bunny stuffed animals… but you could up your game when it comes to Easter decorating… with a BUNNY HOLOGRAM. Yes, you read right.

Hoppy The Easter Bunny is the first-ever hologram-like bunny who comes to life to decorate homes and parties.

Hoppy is a one-of-a-kind digital decoration from AtmosFX, a Seattle-based company that helps people bring their homes to life for a variety of holidays and occasions.

What Does Hoppy the Easter Bunny Do?

He hops, paints eggs, grows flowers, and even preforms magic tricks. He’s the newest digital home decoration from AtmosFX.

How Does Hoppy Come To Life?

Hoppy’s animated loop-able scenes can be projected onto walls, screens, and special hollusion material that makes it look like Hoppy is standing anywhere in your home. Hoppy can also be displayed on TVs and screens or projected on walls.

Check it out for yourself… you could be the coolest parent on Easter Sunday.

hologram bunny

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