Beboe’s Box Of Cannabis Love Will Make Your V-Day

Beboe, valentine's day

We were first introduced to Beboe during the holiday season as the perfect cannabis gift for Christmas! 

Put all of their delish vape and pastilles products in a box and that makes the most divine Valentine's Day gift for your sweetheart. 

What's in the box? 

  • Downtime Indica Vaporizer will knock you and your lover right out for an incredible night's rest and sleep. Intended for downtime hours and quiet evenings at home to ease restlessness and anxiety.
  • The Sativa Vaporizer is great for your daytime couple activities. Going to a V-Day party? Intended for daytime hours to experience everything a little bit warmer without losing focus.
  • Forget those heart candies with messages, Sativa Pastilles are crafted with the finest all natural and organic ingredients to provide a subtle euphoric high. Euphoric in love!

Visit the Beboe site for purchase information here in California!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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