2017 NFL Week Four Results

After the controversial comments of President Trump last week sparked a defiant show of disrespect during the playing of the National Anthem, and the subsequent outrage of the American public, teams have largely backed off of these protests. Most teams chose to stand during the Anthem, while there was a small contingent of players continuing their disrespectful behavior, even though their displays were met with boos. With NFL TV ratings down and attendence taking a sizeable hit, the NFL owners are going to have to make a decision. Do they get back to playing football or continue at their own peril exercising their 1st amendment rights? Stay tuned… Here are the week’s results:

Chicago Bears 14 @ Green Bay Packers 35 (Thursday Night Football)

Sunday Games:

New Orleans Saints 20 @ Miami Dolphins 0    

Carolina Panthers 33 @ New England Patriots 30

Jacksonville Jaguars 20 @ New York Jets 23

Tennessee Titans 14 @ Houston Texans 57

Pittsburg Steelers 26 @ Baltimore Ravens 9

Cincinnati Bengals 31 @ Cleveland Browns 7

Detroit Lions 14 @ Minnesota Vikings 7

Los Angeles Rams 35 @ Dallas Cowboys 30

Buffalo Bills 23 @ Atlanta Falcons 17

Philadelphia Eagles 26 @ Los Angeles Chargers 24

San Francisco 49ers 15 @ Arizona Cardinals 18

New York Giants 23  @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers 25

Oakland Raiders 10 @ Denver Broncos 16

Indianapolis Colts 18 @ Seattle Seahawks 46

Monday Games:

Washington Redskins 20 @ Kansas City Chiefs 29

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