2017 NFL Week Eight Results

After week eight of the NFL season, one thing is clear: the National Football League is consumed by politics. Already reeling from the decline in attendance and rapidly falling ratings, this week the Houston Texans' owner  Bob McNair met with the team Saturday morning and apologized for his previous comments that "we can't have the inmates running the prison" during a meeting of NFL owners earlier this week. To demonstrate their disapproval of Weir's remarks, a majority of the players took a knee Sunday during the national anthem ahead of their game against the Seattle Seahawks in protest. This whole kneeling brouhaha was alledgedly started to protest social injustices, particularly against African-Americans by unemployed quarterback Colin Kaepernick. How the act of disrepecting the National Anthem and the American flag is going to fix racial injustuces in this country, still remains to be seen.  Here are the week’s results:

Miami Dolphins 0 @ Baltimore Ravens 40 (Thursday Night Football)

Sunday Games:

Minnesota Vikings 33 @ Cleveland Browns 16   

Los Angeles Chargers 13 @ New England Patriots 21

Chicago Bears 12 @ New Orleans Saints 20

Carolina Panthers 17 @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers 3

Indianapolis Colts 23 @ Cincinnati Bengals 24

Oakland Raiders 14 @ Buffalo Bills 34

San Francisco 49ers 10 @ Philadelphia Eagles 33

Atlanta Falcons 25 @ New York Jets 20

Houston Texans 38 @ Seattle Seahawks 41

Dallas Cowboys 33 @ Washington Redskins 19

Pittsburg Steelers 20 @ Detroit Lions 15

Monday Games:

Denver Broncos 19 @ Kansas City Chiefs 29

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